Sunday, June 16, 2013

Growing Papermaking Fibers — Hollyhocks and Milkweeds

Early this spring, I started lots of seedlings in preparation for papermaking! I've experimented with a variety of plant fibers in the past; such as onion skins, blackberry bush, maple leaves, and grasses. But what I really love so far was hollyhocks and milkweeds.

A little hollyhock growing.

The roots of hollyhocks can also be use as formation aid in papermaking too!

Milkweeds grown from seeds.

It's going to be an awesome summer. I'm predicting A LOT of butterflies!


  1. I am very interested to see your work and processes. Thank you for sharing :) Have you ever tried potato grasses? I've been wondering if it is possible to make paper from them.

    1. I've never made any potato grass paper, but I will give it a try when I can get my hands on them.